IMF New Releases, March 26th 2021


Sorry about the late post on this weeks releases, I’ve gotten to a point where time is irrelevant and either moves faster than light or slower than a turtle. I’m running low on sleep and not even an entire pot of coffee was able to help me today, so I apologize if this one is a little short!

This weeks releases were filled with talent, catchiness, emotion, this, that, everything.

Here’s how I go about these – I put my headphones on, close my eyes, and take the song in all at once. After jotting down my initial feelings and thoughts, I listen to the song again while typing as I listen and revise my notes into coherent sentences! 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Spuds and Blooms – Bear Ley

With a voice like butter, Bear Ley lullabied me throughout this track. During my first listen-through, all I could do was close my eyes and feel as if I was driving through the mountains on a sunny autumn morning. Simplistic yet moody chords accompanied his vocals, as they walked together through which felt like a private and emotional moment between the two.

I’d love to see this song (and Bear Ley in general) live in a small venue, where the crowd is lost together in the music and thoughts – completely silent as he performs. It reminds me of a bonfire kind of night with your friends, the one where there’s an unspoken energy in the air that makes everybody feel secure and at peace.

I recommend this to anyone who likes Paul Baribaeu, John Moreland, or typically like acoustic-folky vibes.

Check out Spuds and Blooms on Spotify, and follow Bear Ley on Instagram.

Harborne – Striped McCoy, Pultixima

Oooooooh man, I do get pretty giddy when either of these two release music on their own, but together? My birthday isn’t until September but it feels like it’s today.

Immediately, I’m in love with that synth sound mixed with the piano and sample, how it floats between my ears. It sets the tone for me, like it’s going to be nostalgic, depressing, reflective, or all three. The beat is simple – but effective as it leaves room for the vocals to breathe and tells the listener to really pay attention to the lyrics.

The main theme I get from this song is looking at the boring or negative parts of your late teens/early twenties when older people say, “Oh don’t grow up, this is the best time of your life!”. Mmm yeah sure, those sleep deprived college nights, waiting for summer to end to keep working, and the fabled ‘learning experiences’ are sure the golden years.

As the same for Spuds and Blooms, this song would absolutely put me in a trance at a small venue where everyone’s a stranger, but connected through the music. I could see myself closing my eyes during this song and lose myself in my thoughts.

I recommend this to anyone who likes Joji, or lo-fi vibes.

Check out Harborne on Spotify, and follow Striped McCoy on Instagram, and Pultixima on Instagram.

You can check out the full March 26th 2021 new release playlist here.

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