The IMF Community Playlist

Open submission. Updated monthly.

Give and get music feedback and discuss techniques with other musicians on our subreddit or discord servers

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Our Community Spotify Playlist

This is a great way to explore what other artists are doing in the community, and to get your music heard by other community members.

Follow the playlist for a steady stream of fresh community made music, hand selected by the artists who made them.

 We ask that you please do the following if you submit a track.

one track per artist per month is allowed


Common Questions

Each month on the 27th of the month submissions will close. Announcements are made on the Discord server around when you can submit.

Hop on the #music-feedback discord channel and listen to 3 submissions and give them some feedback, it does not have to be technical (but technical feedback is welcome). Just let the artist know what you think of the track if you are not sure what to say.

You earn tokens by participating in weekly IMF community events. There are a variety of events and its a great way to discover new music and meet other artists.

Submit by using the #playlist-submission channel on our discord server. You will need 3 feedback points or tokens to submit.

We feature it on our subreddit & discord server, artists share it on their social media accounts, and we occasionally buy Facebook and Instagram advertisements to get it in front of people.

Each month a new playlist is created, and this previous months playlists will remain on spotify for eternity… or something like it.

The playlist submit discord bot

It’s the future! You don’t even have to talk to a real person. The bot will ask you a few questions about your submission. This information will be used on the blog write up and for the listening party.

Don’t Wait

Submit on our Discord Server