A subreddit for music feedback with a bot moderated give and take feedback system.

How it works

We have a reddit bot that keeps track of feedback and provides an automated system to moderate our rules. In order to post, you must give feedback to 5 other posters first. This system allows for more feedback to be generated and gives an incentive for people to give your track a listen.


Rules + Bot Info + Why Your Track Was Removed

The Rules:

—Comment on 5 posts before posting.

Commenting on other peoples music is extremely important to the thread, it will inspire others as well as increase your own chances of getting feedback! The most important thing is to connect with each other!! Please comment on at least 5 posts each time that you want to drop a track. If you want to post 2 tracks you will need to comment 10 times.

—Post one song at a time.

Playlists are difficult to give feedback on, and they go against the 1 song – 5 comment system.

Why Your Track Was Removed:

Tracks are removed automatically because you haven’t commented 5 times, or because you tried to post a playlist/album.

The Bot:

When you comment on somebody else’s track, the bot gives you a hidden point. When you post your own track, it costs 3 points. You can know your score at anytime by Direct Messaging u/IndieFeedbackBot (the bot) with the word “Score” as the subject. To receive a point, you must comment on a song that is no older than 3 days. If you comment on a post that is more than 4 days old, you will not receive a point.

Note: If you send a ‘chat’ message to the bot, you will not receive a reply; You can find the message option by first going to u/IndieFeedbackBot‘s profile, and clicking the “more options” link under the chat button. Make sure to title the subject as Score; you can put anything in the message’s body. Hit send, and soon you should receive your score as a message from the bot.

I’d like to give a BIG shout out to our new mod u/merci_nurse for taking his free time to write a bot for r/indiemusicfeedback !!

Questions or issues?

Feel free to message me at u/Pax_Libertas with any questions or issues that you have.